HAPPY NEW YEAR: Favourite photos of 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Favourite photos of 2017

January 2nd 2018.

First and foremost, Happy New Year. 2017 has gone and 2018 has begun and, to me, that's crazy. It feels like the time has flown so fast. The past year, overall, was kind of a hard one for me. I dealt with a lot of anxiety issues and bad mental health over the year, I saw myself drift from the person I had enjoyed becoming and into someone who procrastinated, was quiet. It took a lot to break through that, a few opportunities along the way helped exponentially but overall, I found the most therapeutic thing was taking photos I was proud of. Even on my worst days, coming home to find that I'd taken some of my favourite photos and saying that after almost every show was so rewarding.

Though I only had one 'touring' opportunity this past year, I didn't take it for granted. I had a lot of other things to focus on for a while but the one stint I did, came at the perfect time. I have so many people to be thankful for this year, Tyler Carter specifically for hooking me up with Chapel for a while, who in turn gave me the chance to get to know Waterparks so I could take some photos for them too. I met up with old friends like As It Is, made new ones and spent the most amount of time with my biggest supporter and favourite person in the world, my girlfriend. Without all the support I had this year, without good people around me believing in me, I'm not sure I would have gotten through it. But here I am, in 2018, grateful and ready to smash it. 

For now, though. Here are some of my favourite images I took in 2017.

Avenged Sevenfold @ Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
First show of the year was Avenged Sevenfold. I did a lot with double exposure and prisms this past year but ultimately this one ended up being my favourite. Avenged are a long time favourite band of mine, so getting to photograph them and be proud of what I took is incredible.

Tyler Carter of Issues @ House Of Blues, Boston
Issues and Tyler have always been hugely supportive of me and I had a chance to head down to their show in Boston in January whilst I was in the area. I got to meet Tylers new dog and snap a few portraits.

State Champs at Riverside, Newcastle
State Champs are always fun to shoot, I loved this one because it was actually a save. The colours were really washed out and I managed to get it to what you see above.

Underoath at O2 Academy, Newcastle

Crossfaith at Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds

Against Me! at Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds
This was a set I wasn't even supposed to catch, I had a train booked to go home but thanks to a friend, I was able to stay and catch this. I love the colours and seeing it reminds me of the incredible atmosphere from that set and makes me so happy to look at.

Emmure at Vans Warped Tour, Mansfield MA
This was shot was kind of a fluke, the vocalist took a moment during one of the songs and I managed to capture this through two front monitors on the stage. It quickly became one of my favourite docu-live moments of the year

Silent Planet at Vans Warped Tour, Mansfield MA
There was a lot of rain at this show, especially during this set. There was threats of thunderstorm and Silent Planet still played, the vocalist still jumped in with the crowd and he did this multiple times. I liked this one best because you can see how passionate everyone is, despite the weather. I love that music can do that.

The Rocket Summer at Brighton Music Hall, Boston MA

Chapel at Cockpit, Leeds
I had the opportunity to jump on with Chapel for a few days in September, this was from the first day. This one just stuck out to me as one of my favourites, they're easily the best people to work with. Sweet, accomodating and always up to take both serious and silly photos like the one above. I'm very grateful for this duo for letting me work with them for a little while.

Waterparks at Academy 2, Manchester
Chapel were out with Waterparks, who were more than happy to have me take some photos of them too along the way. This was one of my favourites in Manchester, it was one of those rare shows that the drummer could be seen and I love the passion in his face in this one.

Waterparks at O2 Academy, Birmingham
I added an extra in of Waterparks because it was super hard to choose between them all, I just really liked this contemplative moment I caught of Awsten in Birmingham right before they were due to take the stage. I am super grateful for how accomodating they were, especially as this was my last date.

Neck Deep Crowd at O2 Academy, Newcastle
I love watching people enjoy music, I had watched these two in particular for a while going hard for pretty much every song while on their friends shoulders and had to take a picture. It always reminds me of how great the atmosphere was.

Zara Larsson at O2 Academy, Newcastle

Enter Shikari at Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Frank Iero at Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds
This is by far my favourite music photo of 2017. I've been a fan of Frank Iero for many, many years and was offered the chance to interview him with my best friend at this years Slam Dunk. We only had around 30 seconds to get a few photos post-interview but what I got ended up being my favourite of the year. Here's to 2018 offering up more opportunities like this one!